About R4L

Already in the heyday of our youth we were enthusiastic about various artistic activities. making music and films, editing photos, painting a picture or creating a sculpture, etc. , so many wonderful possibilities to develop artistically.

Very quickly we had to realize that we were dependent on help and had to learn painfully that our desires and dreams were quickly regarded as an illusion. Often you’ve been told “no time”, “too expensive”, “you don’t do that”, “that’s not possible” or “that’s impossible. ” 
Today, after more than 20 years of experience in the field of art, we know that there is no impossible in art.

Das Feuer der Leidenschaft lässt sich nicht löschen. Während unzähligen Kaffees und schlaflosen Nächten, produzierten wir etliche Musikstücke, drehten Kinofilme und erweiterten unser Netzwerk.
2014 eröffneten wir unsere Kunstgalerie R4L in Seon als ein Portal in unser Universum der Küste.

The R4L gallery, the film studio, the photo studio, the music studio, the web and graphic design office, the artist agency and the studio are all under one roof. This enables us to implement every idea at any time. In this way, we can offer a perfect combination of our possibilities for everyone. All creative processes are always at our fingertips and within easy reach.

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we advise artists of all kinds so that they know what opportunities there are to move forward.

We rebel against any “that cannot” – “that does not work” – or “that is impossible” – attitude for life. We are Rebels 4 Life and fill the void with passionate art.

Partnerschaften und Kooperationen

Our Doc of the Steel Cello

Alex DocDorsch