Artists Agency

In the truest sense of the word. . ?

The meaning of the word coincidence is, as we know, highly controversial. Anywaybut yes, it's a coincidence! In the truest sense of the word. In the course of the years marked by art, we have attracted a large number of creative and talented people. From make-up artists and magicians to singers and actors. We owe this not only to our many years of experience in the professional theatre and cinema scene, but also to chance. 

Over the years, a large network has developed, which we continuously connect with each other. Thus, we bring together what belongs together. Whether you are an artist for private events or for large art projects, we are happy to mediate. 

By art we understand of course also the writing of contentful texts (Ghostwriting) such as content marketing, advertising texts etc. . 

Through our Gallery R4L we work closely with artists of the visual arts. This opens up the opportunity to offer day-to-day art such as portrait painting.

Do they also have a talent to offer and want to be part of the whole? Then feel free to contact us or just get to know us when you visit our gallery in Seon.